PhD Students

Dr. Sanjog S. Nagarkar

( 2010-2015 )


Thesis Title: "Design and Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Selective Sensing Applications"

Current Position : Assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Dr. Biplab Joarder

( 2010-2015 )

Email: bip.inorg[at]

Thesis Title: "Design, Synthesis and Functional Studies of Biomolecule Based Coordination Polymers"

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology under Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi

Dr. Biplab Manna

( 2010-2016 )

Email: biplabchem.manna[at]

Thesis Title: "Nitrogen-enriched Ionic Coordination Polymers: Design, Syntheses and Functional Studies "

Current Position : JSPS Postdoctoral Researcher in the The University of Tokyo under Prof. Takashi Uemura

Dr. Soumya Mukherjee

( 2011-2016 )

Email: smukherjee.iiserpune[at]

Thesis Title: "Functionalized Metal-organic Frameworks: Promising Porous Materials for Chemical Separation"

Current Position : Principal Investigator at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Limerick

Dr. Avishek Karmakar

( 2011-2016 )


Thesis Title: "Design, synthesis and applications of MOFs as sensory probes for anion recognition"

Current Position : Research and Development Scientist at GenHydro Inc.

Dr. Aamod V. Desai

( 2013-2018 )


Thesis Title: "Design and Syntheses of Neutral N-donor Linker Based Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Towards Environmental Applications"

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the University of St Andrews under Prof. Russell Edward Morris

Dr. Partha Samanta

( 2013-2018 )


Thesis Title: "Design, Syntheses and Functional Studies of Porous Materials for Remediation of Environmental Pollutants"

Dr. Samraj Mollick

( 2015-2021 )

Email: mollick.samraj[at]

Thesis Title: "Advanced Porous Materials (APMs) as Host to Develop Composite Materials: Stability and Functional Studies"

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the University of Oxford under Prof. Jin-Chong Tan

Dr. Shivani Sharma

( 2015-2021 )

Email: shivani.sharma[at]

Thesis Title: "Design, syntheses of functional MOFs for environmental applications"

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the University of Cambridge under Dr. Alex Forse.

Dr. Arunabha Sen

( 2016-2021 )


Thesis Title: "Advanced functional porous materials for sensing and sequestration of toxic pollutants"

Current Position :

Dr. Subhajit Dutta

( 2016-2022 )


Thesis Title: "Synthesis and Functional Studies of Cationic Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) toward Light Hydrocarbons Separation and Environmental Pollutants Remediation"

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the Basque Center for Materials under Dr.Stefan Wuttke.

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BS-MS Students (5th Year project)

Amitosh Sharma

( 2012-2013 )

Email: amitosh.sharma89[at]

Current Position : PhD student in ULSAN, South Korea under Prof. Myoung Soo Lah

Amrit Kumar Singh

( 2013-2014 )

Email: Amrit.Kumar[at]

Current Position : PhD student in University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko

Shweta Singh

( 2013-2014 )

Email: 6812ks[at]

Current Position : Junior Research Scientist at Filtrex technologies, Bangalore.

Naveen Kumar

( 2015-2016 )

Email: naveen[at]

Current Position : PhD student in University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko

Post doctoral Fellows

Dr. Sreenu Bhanoth

( 2017-2019 )


Current Position : Senior research officer at Indian oil corporation private limited.

Dr. Tarak Nath Mandal


Current Position :

Research Fellows/ Short-term Researchers/ Science Academies Summer Fellows etc.

  1. Abhijeet K. Chaudhari

  2. Dr. Surjeet Singh

  3. Mr. Alok Panwar

  4. Dinesh Mullangi

  5. Dr. Partha Chowdhury

  6. Mahendra Patil

  7. Arif Imandar

  8. Dr. Remya Korah

  9. Shilpa Sonar

  10. Kriti Gupta

  11. Arkendu Roy