PhD Students

Dr. Sanjog S. Nagarkar 

( 2010-2015 )


Thesis Title: "Design and Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Selective Sensing Applications" 

Current Position : Assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 

Dr. Biplab Joarder

( 2010-2015 )

Email: bip.inorg[at] 

Thesis Title: "Design, Synthesis and Functional Studies of Biomolecule Based Coordination Polymers" 

Current Position : Postdoctoral Associate in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology under Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi 

Dr. Biplab Manna 

( 2010-2016 )

Email:  biplabchem.manna[at]  

Thesis Title: "Nitrogen-enriched Ionic Coordination Polymers: Design, Syntheses and Functional Studies " 

Current Position : JSPS Postdoctoral Researcher in the The University of Tokyo under Prof. Takashi Uemura  

Dr. Soumya Mukherjee

( 2011-2016 )

Email:  smukherjee.iiserpune[at]  

Thesis Title: "Functionalized Metal-organic Frameworks: Promising Porous Materials for Chemical Separation" 

Current Position : Principal Investigator at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Limerick  

Dr. Avishek Karmakar

( 2011-2016 )


Thesis Title: "Design, synthesis and applications of MOFs as sensory probes for anion recognition" 

Current Position : Research and Development Scientist at GenHydro Inc. USA.

Dr. Aamod V. Desai

( 2013-2018 )


Thesis Title: "Design and Syntheses of Neutral N-donor Linker Based Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Towards Environmental Applications" 

Current Position :  Postdoctoral Associate in the University of St Andrews under Prof. Russell Edward Morris 

Dr. Partha Samanta

( 2013-2018 )


Thesis Title: "Design, Syntheses and Functional Studies of Porous Materials for Remediation of Environmental Pollutants" 

Dr. Samraj Mollick

( 2015-2021 )

Email: mollick.samraj[at]  

Thesis Title: "Advanced Porous Materials (APMs) as Host to Develop Composite Materials: Stability and Functional Studies" 

Current Position :  Postdoctoral Associate in the University of Oxford under Prof. Jin-Chong Tan 

Dr. Shivani Sharma

( 2015-2021 )

Email: shivani.sharma[at]

Thesis Title: "Design, syntheses of functional MOFs for environmental applications" 

Current Position :  Fulbright-Nehru Post doctoral Scholar in the UC Berkeley under Dr. Jeffrey R. Long.  

Dr. Arunabha Sen

( 2016-2021 )


Thesis Title: "Advanced functional porous materials for sensing and sequestration of toxic pollutants" 

Current Position :  

Dr. Subhajit Dutta

( 2016-2022 )


Thesis Title: "Synthesis and Functional Studies of Cationic Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) toward Light Hydrocarbons Separation and Environmental Pollutants Remediation" 

Current Position :  Postdoctoral Associate in the Basque Center for Materials under Dr.Stefan Wuttke. 

Dr. Yogeshwar D. More

( 2015-2023 )


Thesis Title: "Syntheses and Functional Studies of Advanced Porous Materials (APMs): A Promising Platform for Aquatic Pollutant Remediation and Energy Applications" 

Current Position :  Postdoctoral Associate in the University of Oxford under Prof. Jin-Chong Tan. 

Master Thesis (5th Year project) 

Amitosh Sharma

( 2012-2013 )

Email: amitosh.sharma89[at]

Current Position :  PhD student in ULSAN, South Korea under Prof. Myoung Soo Lah 

Amrit Kumar Singh

( 2013-2014 )

Email: Amrit.Kumar[at]

Current Position :  PhD student in University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko  

Shweta Singh

( 2013-2014 )

Email: 6812ks[at]

Current Position :  Junior Research Scientist at Filtrex technologies, Bangalore.

Naveen Kumar

( 2015-2016 )

Email: naveen[at]

Current Position :  PhD student in University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko  

Satyam Saurabh

( 2019-2022 )

Current Position :  

Post doctoral Fellows

Dr. Sreenu Bhanoth

( 2017-2019 )


Current Position :  Senior research officer at Indian oil corporation private limited.

 Dr. Tarak Nath Mandal


Current Position :  

Research Fellows/ Short-term Researchers/ Science Academies Summer Fellows etc.