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Department of Chemistry, 

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India

PI: Prof. Sujit K. Ghosh


C219, Main BuildingDepartment of ChemistryIISER PuneDr. Homi Bhabha Road,Pashan, Pune - 411008, India.Tel.: +91 202590 8076(O)+91 202590 8677(L)

E-mail: sghosh[at]iiserpune.ac.in/  sghoshchem[at]gmail.com

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Our 10th  Angewandte Chemie from the group.

Samraj Mollick, Satyam Saurabh, Yogeshwar D. More, Sahel Fajal, Mandar M. Shirolkar, Writakshi Mandal and Sujit K. Ghosh

Energy & Environmental Science 2022,15, 3462-3469. Web Link 

Media Coverages: India Today, Nature India  For More: Click here.

Guest Editing

Themed collection " Emerging Trends in MOFs" in Chemical Communications by RSC. 

Topical Collections "Applications of Porous Materials" in ChemPlusChem by Wiley.

Book Edited


Selected Review Articles, Highlights etc.

Sahel Fajal, Subhajit Dutta and Sujit K. Ghosh 

Materials Horizons 2023, doi.org/10.1039/D3MH00672G. Web Link

S. Dutta, Y. D. More, S. Fajal, W. Mandal, G. K. Dam and S. K. Ghosh   

Chem. Commun., 2022,58, 13676-13698. Web Link (Cover page)

Johannes W. M. Osterrieth,............................,Sujit K. Ghosh, Soumya

Mukherjee,.....................and David Fairen-Jimenez. 

(Authors details: Total 60 labs and 113 authors working in the field of MOFs from around the

world, coordinated by Dr David Fairen-Jimenez, University of Cambridge. We are happy

to be part of this historial paper as the only contributing lab from India)

Adv. Mater. 2022, 2201502. Web Link (Inside Back Cover) 

Chemistryworld News: Flaws fixed in venerable 84-year-old method of measuring

porosity Link

Soumya Mukherjee and  Sujit K. Ghosh.

Nat. Rev. Chem., 2021, 5, 600–601. Web Link 

Partha Samanta, Aamod V. Desai, Sumanta Let and Sujit K. Ghosh.

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2019, 7, 7456-7478.