PhD Students


Partha Samanta
e-mail id: partha.samanta[at]
M. Sc. from IIT Kharagpur

Yogeshwar D. More
e-mail id: yogeshwar.more[at]
M. Sc. from University of Pune

Samraj Mollick
e-mail id: mollick.samraj[at]
M. Sc. from Banaras Hindu University

Subhajit Dutta
e-mail id: subhajit.dutta[at]
M. Sc. from University of Calcutta 

Sumanta Let
e-mail id: sumanta.let[at]
M. Sc. from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad 

Int. PhD Students


Aamod V. Desai

e-mail id: avdesai[at]
B. Sc. from University of Pune 

Shivani Sharma
e-mail id: shivani.sharma[at]
B. Sc. from University of Delhi 

Arunabha Sen
e-mail id: arunabha.sen[at]
B. Sc. from University of Calcutta (2014)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

 Post-Doctoral Fellow Year of JoiningContact Early Education 

 Dr. Tarak Nath Mandal



PhD., University of Calcutta (2011);
Postdoc, KRICT (S. Korea) (2011-14) 

Dr. Sreenu Bhanoth



PhD., Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
(DIAT), Pune (2016)