PhD Students Year Contact Current Position Thesis Title

Dr. Sanjog S. Nagarkar

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded in Kyoto University, Japan under Prof. Susumu Kitagawa"Design and Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Selective Sensing Applications"

Dr. Biplab Joarder 
 2010-2015 bip.inorg[at]gmail.comAITF Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded in University of Calgary, Canada under Prof. George K. H. Shimizu"Design, Synthesis and Functional Studies of Biomolecule Based Coordination Polymers"

Dr. Biplab Manna
 2010-2016 biplabchem.manna[at]gmail.comPostdoctoral Associate in the New York University, Abu Dhabi under Prof. Panche Naumov"Nitrogen-enriched Ionic Coordination Polymers: Design, Syntheses and Functional Studies"

Dr. Soumya Mukherjee
2011-2016  mukherjeesoumya28[at] Postdoctoral Associate in the University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko "Functionalized Metal-organic Frameworks: Promising Porous Materials for Chemical Separation"

Dr. Avishek Karmakar
 2011-2016 avishek.iiser@gmail.comPostdoctoral Associate in the National University of Singapore under Prof. DanZhao "Design, synthesis and applications of MOFs as sensory probes for anion recognition"

  BS-MS Students (5th Year project)  Year  Contact Current Position

Amitosh Sharma
 2012-2013 amitosh.sharma89[at]gmail.comPhD student in ULSAN, South Korea under Prof. Myoung Soo Lah

Amrit Kumar Singh
 2013-2014 Amrit.Kumar[at]ul.iePhD student in University of Limerick, Ireland under Prof. Michael Zaworotko

 Shweta Singh 
 2013-2014 6812ks[at]gmail.comJunior Research Scientist at Filtrex technologies, Bangalore.

Naveen Kumar 
 2015-2016 naveen[at] student in Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea (POSTECH) under Prof. Kimoon Kim

  Science Academies Summer FellowsYear
 1  Dr. Surjeet Singh (NIT Agartala) 2013
 Mr. Alok Panwar (IIT Roorkee)2014

  Research Fellows (Project)     Year
 1 Abhijeet K. Chaudhari 2010-2013
 Dinesh Mullangi 2012-2013
 3 Dr. Partha Chowdhury 2014
 Arif I. Inamdar    2014-2015

  Short-term Other Research Fellows Year
 1 Mahendra Patil 2010
 2 Dr. Remya Korah 2012